▸ Loss In Weight Machine System
  • Patent Applied:M454394
◆ High Precision   ◆ Anti-Interference   ◆ Anti-Vibration

Successful tested materials: PVC, CaCO3, TiO2, Talcum, Al2O3, Zinc stearate, plastic pellets and etc.
Successful continuous production process mode depends on high precise feeding system to stabilize quality and on stabilized discharging to ensure accurate measurement.
Functional Comparison
Defects of traditional equipment (single/twin screw type) Characteristics and superiority of
Ming-Hong "Loss in Weight Device".
1. Unstable weighing device
Incorrect measurement interfered with vibration in general.
2. Unstable discharge
Uneven discharge due to compacted lump by using screw conveyer.
Linear moving discharge is not flexible to make adjustment.
Hard to clean out and to maintain due to closed type of device.
Larger space requirement.
1. Stable and accurate weighing device
Special design of anti-interference and anti-vibration ensures accuracy of measuring data.
2. Stable discharge
Flat-type discharge equipped with servo motor control, discharge valve adjustment and air-vibrator for anti-bridge of powder material to make sure smooth discharge and to have accurate measurement.
Module structure design is convenient for operation and maintenance. The shut-down time during maintenance can be shortened.
Model Type MH-LC35mm MH-LC55mm
Scale Minimum Unit ±1 g ±1 g
Continuous Type Max. Capacity 540 kg/hr 5000 kg/hr
Accuracy ±0.05 kg ±0.08 kg
Min. Capacity 0.9 kg/hr 1.8 kg/hr
Accuracy ±0.01 kg ±0.01 kg
Batch Type Accuracy ±0.001 kg ±0.001 kg