Powder、Liquid Formula Weighing System
Automatic Multiple Materials Formula Micro-weighing System
,Automatic powder Weighing System
,Automatic grain Weighing System
,Automatic liquid Weighing System
,Automatic powder conveying supplying system
,Automatic grain conveying supplying system
,Automatic liquid conveying supplying system
,Automatic Control System
,Automatic Pellet Weighing System
,Automatic Pellet conveying supplying system
,Automatic Gravimetric Formula Weighing System
,Auto Material Formula Weighing System
,Loss In Weight Feeder
,Acuum Powder Auto Weighing System
,Scale Measuring System
,Cooling Vibration Screen
,Dust Collector-Automatic Air Jet Cleaning  
,Continuous Auto Weighing System


The weighing system is designed for powder、pellet、liquid and also for medicine micro material ,which is suitable for rubber and plastic industries.


  • Vacuum suction weighing system is applied for powder and pellet material, and the weighing accuracy reaches ±300g.
  • The weighing accuracy for liquid material reaches±20g.
  • The micro-weighing accuracy for medicine material reaches ±5g.