Multiple Formula Material Micro-Weighing System
Multiple Formula Material Micro-Weighing System


This micro-weighing system is designed for multiple powder and pellet materials to make sure the accurate measurement to enhance the product quality , and to avoid personnel dircet touch the materials.


  • The weighing accuracy of single material can reach ±3g.
  • The feeder is designed with double-screw to ensure the stable discharge.
  • The multiple bridge breaker modes can ensure the stable measurement.
  • Error proof device (optional choice).
  • The color touch-screen is easy for operation. (optional choice to connect with computer).
  • Save manpower and reduce production cost, which can increase 15-20% production capacity.
  • To improve the working environment , and avoid operator direct touch the chemical.
  • Reduce personnel error and enhance the yield rate.
  • Improve quality reliability, consistency and stability to ensure the accuracy execution of the recipe weighing, which meets customer systemized standard.
  • Weighing process can be details recorded to be the base of quality improvement.